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VARVEL S.p.A. – Company

Company profile

Varvel was established in 1955. Constant growth over a number of decades has allowed Varvel to establish a foothold in over 60 countries on all five continents. Simultaneously with structural and product development, the company acquires high-tech tools, in the sectors of automation and robotics, information technology and logistics, guaranteeing high quality standards for products made in Italy and a high level of service. Varvel has a Research and Development department. The technical staff use the most modern calculation and 3D modelling tools to design their product lines. In addition to tailor-made products, a distinctive feature of Varvel is the idea of modularity, by making gearboxes in kit-form which are easily assembled by any user in just a few minutes.

Promptness, flexibility and precision allow Varvel to find the best solution in the limited times dictated by market demands, through an extremely high quality production process. Quality control of the machining carried out plays a fundamental role in ensuring that Varvel products conform to the high quality standards aimed for and guaranteed. Varvel is synonymous with flexibility and fast delivery, even for products ordered at the last minute. So it is a world-level competitor, even for the sector’s major players. Certificated UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001. Most Varvel products are also available in the ATEX version, in conformity with the EU directive for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001

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Low-temperature solutions

soluzioni per basse temperature

Varvel, which has always paid great attention to national and international customer satisfaction, supplies gearboxes and gearmotors suited to specific applications thanks to particular oil seals and special lubrication.

The Varvel Group, specialized in the design, production and sale of mechanical transmission systems, has been the preferred partner to international customers since 1955, supplying transmission components for low and medium power applications.

Over six decades of business in precision mechanical engineering, an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of innovation and constant contact with client companies, have led to a know-how that allows Varvel to recognize actual market requirements for each type of application requested, enabling the company to design products that are ideally suited to their future use.

A clear example of this dedication to pursuing the most suitable solution can be seen in situations where applications must function at low temperatures.

Indeed, Varvel gearboxes serve an extremely wide range of applications, sometimes in colder geographical areas, such as Siberia, while in other cases the gearbox simply needs to be installed in freezing environments, cold rooms being one such case.

In these instances, Varvel advises customer companies to use suitable oil seals and lubricants, which today are able to guarantee optimum gearbox efficiency in low-temperature usage conditions.

As regards lubrication, lubricant serves not only to keep the gears inside the gearbox well oiled, but also to guarantee the correct friction force of seal rings. Lubricant is therefore a critical element within the gearbox, as it is essential for maintaining a high level of efficiency.

Oil seals, meanwhile, are an essential internal component of mechanical gearboxes, as they prevent contamination and leakage of the lubricant which is crucial for the smooth operation of bearings and gears.

The choice of oil seals and lubrication best suited to low temperatures can have a positive effect on the quality and lifetime of the application activity. With traditional oil seals and lubricants, the gearbox would still work but performance would be less than optimal; on the other hand, the use of products specifically suited to low temperatures enables optimal efficiency of the gearbox and the application in which it is used, maintaining superior effectiveness and prolonging the life of the component and the machinery.

For customers, this equates to less maintenance, fewer interventions and, as a result, cost savings.

The entire range of gearboxes produced by Varvel Group is available in the version for low-temperature applications, further proof of the quality of the products and services offered by Varvel, a Group that always guarantees customers the best solutions for achieving optimal results.


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Customising innovation the Varvel way


The Varvel Group satisfies the needs of the international market by designing and producing custom gearboxes for specific applications.

The Varvel Group, specialists in reduction gearboxes with unrivalled know-how built up over 60 years of activity, can produce custom gearboxes to satisfy specific needs of all kinds.

One excellent example of the high-technology service that Varvel offers is a special gearbox developed for a customer on the American market who produces automatic machines for indoor entertainment.

Here are the basic facts behind this unique gearbox:

  • Around 1200 pieces a year supplied (one for every machine produced by the customer);
  • Specially designed to eliminate the problem of oil leaks, the inconvenience caused by machine downtime and the high maintenance and part replacement costs incurred with the previous supplier;
  • Continuous duty for 12-18 hours, with frequent interruptions of only a few minutes;
  • Hybrid structure combining the characteristics of a worm gear, a parallel shaft gearbox and a bevel helical gearbox;
  • Input stage like that of a worm gearbox, driving three output shafts via a special gear train;
  • Suitable for use with 50 or 60 Hz single phase motors.

The three output shafts have the following characteristics:

Shaft 1 Shaft 2 Shaft 3
Output speed (at 50 Hz) 287.5 rpm 62.7 rpm 48.2 rpm
Transmissible torque 15 in-lb
(1.7 Nm)
30 in-lb
(3.4 Nm)
40 in-lb
(4.5 Nm)
Reduction ratio 5:1 4.6:1 1.3:1


This unique gearbox clearly demonstrates Varvel’s expertise in customization: thanks to an in-depth understanding of the market’s needs and the technologies involved, and assisted by the gear-cutting know-how of the companies in the group, Varvel can develop tailored solutions in addition to its standard catalogue offering. Customization levels vary from simple modifications to standard gearboxes to the design of completely new products based on unique technical solutions, tailored to satisfy specific requirements and to solve specific problems.

Over sixty years of experience in all common varieties of gearbox, constant research, improvement and innovation and a presence in all key areas of industry allow Varvel to design and develop unbeatable power transmission solutions. In particular, unrivalled technical know-how and an ability to work closely with customers allows Varvel to customize gearboxes to meet the market’s needs, and to select the most suitable technology for all applications.

Varvel is always ready to listen to customers’ requests and to identify the best way to tackle any problem. To find out more about product customization and to identify the most suitable gearbox for all special applications, simply send a mail to or get in touch using the contact form on the website



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All-round service: from production to quality control

In addition to a range of high-technology gearboxes and speed variators, the Varvel Group’s offering includes a precision measurement service.

The Varvel Group, specialists in the design, production and distribution of power transmission systems, has been supplying international customers with gearboxes and speed variators for use in most areas of industry since 1955.

Varvel has always emphasised the importance of research and testing, which does not stop at the design stage but continues even after the finished product has been launched.

Thanks to an in-house test department capable of working to key international standards, the Varvel Group is able to perform various types of gearbox performance test.

Noise measurement is one form of test that Varvel can carry out in-house to accurately determine the noise (in decibels) emitted by a gearbox during functioning. Against customer requests, and for special purposes, the test department can also perform specific measurements, complete with test reports. Varvel’s noise tests are performed according to UNI EN ISO 3746, which uses an enveloping measurement surface over a reflective plane to determine sound power by measuring sound pressure. This means that Varvel’s noise measurements are performed to standardized, internationally recognized parameters, following a specific, fully documented and agreed procedure.

Weighted sound power (dB(A)) is determined on the basis of the average sound pressure measured on a surface surrounding the machine, corrected by a specific background noise factor and a factor for environmental reverberation.

Testing is completed using the high precision instrumentation required by the standard, with the test gearbox placed on a stand at the centre of the room, at a height of at least 1 metre from the floor and at a distance of 2 metres from all walls. Five calibrated microphones are positioned on all sides, exactly 1 metre from the gearbox, to measure noise emissions from the gearbox during functioning. The sound pressure measured by each microphone is analysed in bands of one octave to determine sound pressure level dB(A). Drive to the gearbox is then disconnected and the test repeated to measure background noise. Finally, the microphones are moved to a distance of 0.5 metres from the gearbox and the measurements repeated with the gearbox running in order to determine environmental reverberation.

This type of measurement is often requested by customers in order to verify the noise level of gearboxes used in applications that demand quiet, such as hotels, leisure centres, theatres and public venues.

Varvel can also measure in-house the vibration generated by a gearbox during functioning. Vibration measurements are an effective means of verifying the correct functioning of a gearbox and the absence of production defects. By measuring and analysing vibration and applying diagnostic techniques, testers can detect gear and bearing defects, something that is particularly useful when a customer asks for technical support. This type of in-house test not only helps to identify and remedy product defects reported in customer claims, but also allows Varvel to continuously improve its entire product range and eliminate the causes of malfunctioning. With a view to minimizing gearbox defectivity, Varvel implements end-of-line quality control procedures based on vibration measurements for all RD Series helical gearboxes, RN Series parallel shaft gearboxes and RO-RV Series bevel helical gearboxes to guarantee the added value of Varvel technology.

Vibration analysis is based on the use of single axis accelerometers to measure vibration in a single direction (axial or radial), three axis accelerometers (for combined axial, radial and transverse measurements), optical tachometers and a signal acquisition card.

In today’s precision engineering market, Varvel is acting more and more as a full-service partner for everything from product design to production and diagnostics. The competence and instrumentation available within the Varvel Group conform to the highest international standards for research and quality control, and guarantee that all Varvel products offer high technological value.

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