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The Nuclear New Build 2019

The Nuclear New Build 2019 conference took place in London on 11-12 June, bringing together the nuclear industry from the UK and elsewhere.

The conference opened with Nuclear Industry Association’s President speech, that highlighted the Nuclear energy advantages compared to wind and solar energy. The nuclear energy is not intermittent and has a similar if not lower carbon footprint than the others.

In his view, nuclear energy should form a major part of the UK government’s goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Galbiati Group, company specialized in the Engineering and Construction of mechanical machines, produces machined components for steam, gas, and nuclear power plants characterized by a high-level of quality.  All the details are available at the website

Galbiati Group and the new INSIGHT project

Read the first two issues of INSIGHT!

Galbiati Group has created a new collaboration, the INSIGHT project, with the young talents of “Istituto Superiore Grafica moda Design“, based in Lecco.

The goal of INSIGHT is to create somethings that is different from a classic House Organ. In fact, it will feature articles on economics, culture, history and much more.

Galbiati Group thinks that promoting the training of young people to best develop their technical and professional skills before they enter job market, transforming the skills acquired into real human and professional knowledge that is useful for both the individual and the community. Developing the relationship between vocational schools and the job market, committing both to optimise the service offered with the purpose of improving the future of your young people.

Read the first two issues of INSIGHT!



Ceramic and its application

Ceramic materials can be used in various applications, in particularly porosity in ceramic materials is be one of the key features for a wide range of applications.

They are used as lightweight structures, filters, acoustic or heat insulation, scaffolds and support structures for catalysis applications. Besides the low relative density, high temperature, as well local failure resistance, pore interconnectivity and permeability are interesting properties of porous ceramics. As example, they can be used as exhaust diesel filters or catalyst support structure in the automotive industry, as well as for filter or purification systems in the chemical and metal-processing industry, in waste-water treatment, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food technology. In addition, various porous ceramics, such as cellular lightweight structures, can be used as thermal and acoustic insulators, ceramic heaters and heat exchangers.

Porous ceramics show outstanding structural (open/closed pores, cell/pore shape) and physical (mechanical, thermal, electric and acoustic) properties depending on porosity, pore network, pore connectivity and pore shape depending on the fabrication process. With additive manufacturing of more complex structures with designed properties and macrostructure can be made. Adding additional functionalization enhances mechanical, thermal or catalytic properties of homogeneous and non-homogeneous materials. Functionalization can be done by additional active or non-active surface coatings, chemical reactions on the surface, increasing surface area by introduction of hierarchy or solid-state reactions between coating and support.

Galbiati group is proud to communicate its evolution in Industry 4.0 field, specialized in mechanical engineering and construction since 1962, Galbiati Group is successful in all markets that require high standard precision component and machines. For more technical information click here.

Proton Therapy Market 2019 Global Trends

The rise in popularity of proton therapy is continuing across the globe.

It is estimated that more than 165,000 patients suffering from a variety of cancers, such as prostate cancer, brain tumors have already been successfully treated using this method. In fact, the proton therapy market is on track to become a multibillion-dollar industry by 2024.

The number of proton therapy center is increasing globally. Still, industry experts believe that players will miss out on a majority of cancer patients who can benefit with proton therapy, overlooking a huge multi-billion-dollar potential market.

The proton therapy market is likely to almost double by 2024 from its current market value. Globally, the numbers of patients treated with Proton Therapy is very low whereas; the potential candidates for proton therapy are in Millions. The increased demand for proton therapy has motivated many prominent cancer centers in the world to provide proton therapy treatment.

The increased demand for proton therapy has motivated many prominent cancer centers in the world to provide proton therapy treatment. The number of proton therapy centers worldwide is anticipated to increase year on year, which in turn, will result in more clinical research, better clinician understanding and greater patient awareness of its benefits-which will help drive the further growth.

Galbiati Group is an Italian company, internationally-recognized for the quality of its machining, mechanical engineering and construction. Is active also in the medical sector with its high standard in quality.

California: companies want to build offshore wind farms

The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management announced in April that fourteen companies have applied to build wind turbine farms along the California coast.

11 of these 14 companies expressed a particular interest for a plot of ocean near San Simeon.

BOEM issued a call for application in October 2018, asking for commercial companies interested in leasing place for 700-foot, floating offshore wind turbines along parts of the California coast.

The 14 companies selected have additionally been vetted by the BOEM, and found to be “legally, technically and financially qualified to hold an outer continental shelf renewable energy lease”.

Galbiati Group performs custom mechanical processing for the production of wind energy plants worldwide: boring, milling and drilling of components for wind turbines (frames, blade port hubs, rotors and stators).

TBM market forecasts

In recent years, international manufacturers of Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) have cooperation with Chinese enterprises and China has become the world’s largest TBM manufacturer which occupied more than 64% of production in total 2017.

In the foreign industrial developed countries the Tunnel Boring Machine industry is generally at a more advanced level. In Japan, Europe and the United States manufacturer of TBM still has a considerable size.

The consumption volume of TBM in Europe was about 77 Units, which was follow by US, with a volume of 48 Units.

TBM can be used in the process of Subway, tunnels, water conservancy project, mine, etc. With the development of industry and technology, the potential market for Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) is still huge.

The Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) market was valued at 4740 Million US$in 2018 and is projected to reach 4370 Million US$ by 2025, at a CAGR of -1.0% during the forecast period. In this study, 2018 has been considered as the base year and 2019 to 2025 as the forecast period to estimate the market size for Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM).

Galbiati Group builds TBM components such as planetary gearboxes, bearing supports, erectors. The company has recently realized one 4 ton-segment erector for a Tunnel Boring Machine designed for a excavation project. For more information visit the website

Cement industry in Nigeria

A Chinese building materials and structural engineering firm, has announced plans to open a fibre cement board manufacturing factory in Abuja, Nigeria.

The managing director said that the new line of products would be the first of their kind to be manufactured in West Africa. He added that his company had decided to diversify into fibre cement board due to Nigeria’s raw materials and the success that it has already had with its stone-coated roofing sheets in the country.

The managing director further noted that within the next decade Nigeria stands the chance of becoming an industrial giant.

Galbiati Group manufactures the main and auxiliary gears drives for mills and kilns for cement industry. For more information visit the website

Earthmoving equipment market 2019-2023

Excavators will continue to be most attractive equipment with more than 9% CAGR from 2016 to 2023.

The multifunction equipment is preferred over single-function equipment for saving the cost. This also reduces the time and labor required to accomplish the task with improved efficiency and extended productivity as added advantages. Rising investments in R&D to discover solutions to enhance product offerings will propel the market.

Earthmoving machinery is mainly applied in the construction industry. The construction industry is predicted to maintain its dominance, with more than 60% of the earthmoving machinery market share. Excavators are used in surface level and below ground operations.

Rising demand in factories and manufacturing facilities will drive the excavator segment growth. Obtaining construction equipment on rent or lease is a rising trend. The construction equipment rental market is predicted to exceed USD 85 billion by 2023.

In Private and Government sectors, increasing demand for technologically advanced solutions, featuring better material handling and improved  fuel efficiency combined with lower emissions and safety is expected to propel the market worldwide. Europe earthmoving equipment market share will remain steady, with revenue forecast to exceed 43 billion in predicted timeframe.

Materials processed by the Galbiati group cutting and slittening lines are largely used for the construction of earthmoving machinery: for further information visit

Investments in steel industry

A Turkish big company has planned a $1 billion investment in steel industry.

Turkey’s largest integrated steelmaker, aims to boost the use of local resources in production, steel production capacity and efficiency. This initiative is to improve the use of current technology and strengthen backward integration and to increase competitive power with the new projects.

The $1 billion investments to be made include 800,000 tons per year in a coke production plant, a 5 million tons per year sinter production plant investment, a new blast furnace, the renovation and modernization of a steel house, the modernization of a port and the modernization of production lines in the automotive industry according to Industry 4.0.

Galbiati Group is a Company leader in the steel field: the Mechanical Machining and Construction Division and the Gear Reducers Division make Galbiati Group the ideal partner qualified for mechanical transmissions for steel industry and for customized construction of mid and large-sized components that require high quality standards.

The importance of cable cars to reshape urban landscapes

cable cars

Cable cars are able to adorn the country’s mountaintops like garlands.

Fernando Simas, a researcher at EPFL’s Urban Sociology Laboratory, thinks that the cable cars could become a popular among city residents and provide much more than just a means of getting around.

Simas explores how city residents generally use public transportation, in order to determine how urban cable cars could fit into commuters’ existing habits.

Cable cars are perceived as being more comfortable than city buses and similar to boats in the way they break with the monotony of public transportation.

They form a kind of cocoon for passengers, as do automobiles. But whereas automobiles create a semi-private space, cable cars create a semi-public space that is physically removed from the confines of the surrounding urban environment. That helps passengers relax and makes their commute more enjoyable.

Galbiati Group is an Italian company internationally-recognized for the quality of its mechanical engineering and constructions: discover the Galbiati Group winch drives for cable-car industry (for cable railways, cable ways, cable cars, and chairlifts)!


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