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Let’s start again after a long training session

Let’s start again after a long training session

The international situation has many companies into stasis...

New dates for MECSPE trade fair: Vuototecnica will be there

Coronavirus does not stop trade fairs in Italy, for now only postponed when it's a better time. This happened...

E-commerce and online export, Italy keeps on growing

made in Italy online export

Report on export performance through digital platforms

Packaging, delivery and automation: Vuototecnica wins the challenge

Packaging in recent years, and even more in the first few months of 2020, had to face new challenges arising from the...

Vacuum drawer for tasty and healthy cooking

We are all forced to quarantine and we have become best housekeepers, now, we have really started to use household appliances, while,...

Vuototecnica, Fip and Dallara together against Covid-19 for the Maggiore Hospital in Parma

In these times, there is news that gives hope. Dallara engineers in Parma designed a system to control the flow of air...

OCMI-OTG: custom gears and gear units for industrial applications

gear units

Quality and competence since 1921

The coronavirus and to be afraid of… living!

Coronavirus. That's all we talk about. To avoid the pandemic, it was decided to postpone some events and meetings. This is the...

The SWAN 10th Annual Conference in Glasgow, Scotland

A wide range of speakers will present the benefits of big data in the water sector The SWAN...

Graphene, “the material of wonders”


Hard as diamond and as flexible as plastic, graphene projects us into a future of great surprises.

The agricultural sector is increasingly smart

The smart meter market in agriculture is expected to reach $480.19 million by 2024 Smart technologies are revolutionizing...

New York is increasingly attentive to energy efficiency

The city is set to invest an additional $2bn in utility energy efficiency and electrification initiatives

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