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MECSPE 2019: Vuototecnica waits for you!

From March 28 to 30, 2019 MECSPE returns in Parma, after closing the 2018 edition with the registration of 53,442 professional operators (+ 17% compared to the 2017 edition), thus confirming its central position among the fairs dedicated to the manufacturing sector.

From March 28 to 30, 2019 MECSPE returns in Parma, after closing the 2018 edition with the registration of 53,442 professional operators (+ 17% compared to the 2017 edition), thus confirming its central position among the fairs dedicated to the manufacturing sector.

This fair is the meeting point between production technologies and industrial chains, thanks to the synergy among the trade shows that take place at the same time and the innovative exhibiting system with Excellence Squares, Demonstrative Units and Working Isles.

Vuototecnica, as usual, will not miss the appointment to present you live the latest applications of its solutions to create and manage the vacuum.

If you want to know the new products and talk with the designers, you can find Vuototecnica at Hall 5, stand H71.

Moving big plates and sheets without waste


When, in the industrial field, there is the need to move large sheets or long wooden panels, in general we use several suction cups, which can also be outside the sheets in the case of products of different shapes and surfaces.

Vuototecnica has therefore designed a device that is able to select the suction cups actually involved in the grip, a particular probe valve.

Considering the point of origin and the length of the sheet/plate to be taken, the suction cups are activated only if they are entirety inside the sheet or the panel with an intelligent use of vacuum.

The special probe valve (code 190230), on the outside diameter of the suction cup lip, activates vacuum only when it is completely on the plate.

In this way it is possible, among other things, to avoid the use of vacuum solenoid valves, able to select or deselect the suction cups – certainly effective but more complex and expensive.

Vuototecnica valves are made of anodized aluminum and last over time.

To find out more:

Logo and identification code on each Vuototecnica suction cup: beware of imitations!


The quality of a product depends on the guarantees that the brand is able to give over time to customers, on the effectiveness of the solutions.

For this reason Vuototecnica is keen to mark each product, including suction cups, with the logo and the identification code. Vuototecnica makes a promise to the customer through this identification.

It is a mark of recognizability that allows customers to immediately identify potential false or imitation, which are not Vuototecnica manufacturing.

If you were standing in front of a fake, the quality would not be the same. It would be like purchasing a fake Rolex: it might work but, before our eyes, day after day, we would see the difference in features and functionality, and above all the lifetime is not guaranteed.

Always check the logo and identification code are carried on each product!

And if you have any doubts please contact us.

Investing in technologies for final customer satisfaction


To improve efficiency and increase revenues, Italian manufacturing companies invest in technologies, but what is most important, now evident, is the ability to extend technological investments to the entire product life cycle – from concept to after-sales services – to finally enrich the end customer’s experience.

An Accenture survey of 90 Italian companies (40 large and 50 small and medium-sized companies) in 22 sectors shows this very well.

The strategic priorities of investments in digital technologies are to develop innovative products and services (64%), to adopt technologies profitably (58%), to enter new markets (58%), to increase customer involvement (53%).

Italian manufacturing companies are indeed well positioned in the world market thanks to the high quality of the products and this makes them 4.0 companies.

For these reasons too, Vuototecnica knows that investing in technology is the first step to make its customers happy and to always grow.

To find out about Vuototecnica’s latest news and investments, you can talk with the designers through the website:

Vuototecnica contributes to energy savings


At the basis of an energetically efficient production process and highest performances there is an optimized manipulation solution.

Vuototecnica knows it well, so any application that creates for its customers always considers the efficiency.

And efficiency means energy savings, with no waste.

The engineering of Vuototecnica  products considers above all the quality of materials that allows them a longer lifetime, therefore, for many applications there is no need to change ejectors and vacuum cups frequently. All pieces are resistant over time and always effective.

This is the case for example of Vuototecnica holders with shut-off valves – we have already discussed their benefits here on the blog –  and of vacuum regulators, able to maintain the degree of vacuum in a constant manner, or of pneumatic PA/PS pumps that allow you to save up to 40% of compressed air and of AVG energy-saving vacuum generators.

Flipping through the catalogue is really hard not to come across products that do not pay attention to sustainability.

We invite you to do so and to contact Vuototecnica designers to find the right solution for you!

Vuototecnica, amazing at Ipack-Ima 2018


From May 29th to June 1st 2018 Ipack-Ima is back at the Milan-Rho fair and Vuototecnica is present as usual at the appointment.

There are many news waiting for customers and visitors this year, first of all related to the presentation of the stand.

If you remember the campaign “Vuototecnica never stops to amaze”, which we talked about here on the blog, you will be surprised to find S.V.E.V.A. (Smart Vacuum Equipment Virtual Assistant), the blonde model with glasses, object of advertising, projected on a wall of the stand, to guide you in the discovery of products and their applications, to enter into a virtual reality capable of responding to your practical problems.

There are also the Vuototecnica “Vacbot” equipped with a special multifunction grip hand made with a 3D printer, and a new test bench equipped to directly test, together with the visitor, the multiple vacuum gripping solutions offered by Vuototecnica.
Then, please bring objects you want to manipulate with vacuum technology; we will test together the feasibility of gripping!

Finally, our designers await you ready to respond to your needs.

If you want to amaze yourself once more, you can find us in Hall 7 – stand B87.

The new Vuototecnica Production Programme is online: download it now!


Following the blog these past months, you noticed surely that Vuototecnica worked on new projects, providing new and implemented solutions in all areas of application.

To give you a guide, with details on the updated product range, we decided to produce a brochure on the current production program: one hundred new pages in which we present the innovations along with leading products, in addition to the Vacuum Solutions catalogue.

You will find some new suction cups, the new multi-function vacuum generators, Octopus gripping heads tailored using a 3D printer, and more.

The brochure is eye-catching and the content provides new images, and texts translated into five different languages.

Vuototecnica never fails to amaze and once again we are confident that, after browsing the brochure, you will be excited about the the shown solutions.

Request a a copy to or download it directly from the website; please feel free to write your comments and questions below!


As easy as drinking a can of soda


Have you ever wondered how the cans from which you drink your favorite drinks are being processed?

Or are you a manufacturer and are looking for a method to improve the production and packaging phases?

The shape of the cans certainly does not help the handling operations, nor during the initial production stages, neither during filling and packing in pallets.

For this particular problem, Vuototecnica developed a suction cup ideal for taking flat, smooth or slightly rough objects with cylindrical or curved shape, such as cans.

The lip shape allows a firm grip, eliminates oscillations (so as to avoid load losses) and reduces the volume of air contained in it, allowing faster grip and release.

The suction cup can be fitted without the use of adhesives, on an anodized aluminum support provided with a threaded central hole to allow an easy fastening to the automatism. Everything in a very simple way.

If you need a spare, you can simply request a new suction cup, in the desired compound.

To find out more, contact Vuototecnica designers who follow you considering which product is the best for your application.

General characteristics of rubber compounds

A table with all the characteristics of the rubber compounds used for our suckers: trade name, international abbreviation, acronym Vuototecnica, positive and negative characteristics, color, operating temperature, hardness, chemical resistance, food standards and, finally, examples of use . Download the PDF!

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