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Handling rolls of tape with Vuototecnica Octopus

The Octopus vacuum gripping system is the response to the increasingly requested operational flexibility for palletizing robots. This video demonstrates this, in which you see Octopus used for the handling of rolls of tape, equipped with the Octopus gripping bars BO 08 60X.

Taking, transfer, release of latex gloves: simplicity and precision at each stage with Octopus

Vuototecnica is able to develop and produce tailored Octopus vacuum heads (also for individual pieces) and according to the final user’s operational needs.

Vuototecnica Octopus in action in the handling of flour packages

Once again, the Vuototecnica Octopus system with customized vacuum heads, created with a 3D printer for individual pieces, demonstrates its ability to adapt to the needs of manufactures.

Handling of wooden planks with Octopus

In the video below you can see Octopus BO 12 120X in action when handling wooden planks in line. Please, note the flexibility with which...

Vacuum seal test

To prevent unpleasant surprises when it comes to cellophane or PVC flow-pack food product packaging, test the welding seals using the ATP02 by Vuototecnica, a leader in vacuum technology.

Special solutions Octopus: creating pallets of boxes and tin cans

In the following video you can see in action one of the custom Octopus solutions designed by Vuototecnica for a palletizer robot handling tomato cans and boxes.

Renew your production line with Vuototecnica

Vuototecnica provides for the creation of ad hoc solutions for gripping and handling each type of object, but it deals not only with new productions lines, it is able to help also in improving old automation lines. You have an example of an interesting improvement made with a croissants producer, that uses a renown German line, in the video.

Foam rubber suction cups: irregular surfaces are no longer a problem

Le superfici ruvide, irregolari e talvolta anche scanalate possono essere estremamente difficili da maneggiare e manipolare. Esiste un rischio costante di danni accidentali ai materiali stessi dovuto al fatto che le ventose non aderiscono correttamente alla superficie, con conseguente spreco di tempo e denaro.

Octopus and Maxigrip Cups: winning allies in palletizing

In the video below, you can see in action, in just over three minutes, a robot that moves from one pallet to another packs of beer bottles for a known brand.

LIBRA – Accredited Large Diameters Calibration.

ISOIL Industria presents the new calibration line for diameters up to DN3000 with an impressive max flow of 4m3/s. Watch the new video!

Octopus handling packs in shrink films: no more seasickness!

We present a new application of the Octopus gripping system. The robot you can see in action in this video has the function of moving objects packed with shrink film, which do not have a compact gripping surface and are therefore generally very difficult to pick up.

Octopus: a lot of possibilities, one guarantee of reliability

In the following video you can find a new example for realizing pallets with a robot that mounts Vuototecnica Octopus vacuum gripping system (SO2040X).

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