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Octopus and Maxigrip Cups: winning allies in palletizing

In the video below, you can see in action, in just over three minutes, a robot that moves from one pallet to another packs of beer bottles for a known brand.

LIBRA – Accredited Large Diameters Calibration.

ISOIL Industria presents the new calibration line for diameters up to DN3000 with an impressive max flow of 4m3/s. Watch the new video!

Octopus handling packs in shrink films: no more seasickness!

We present a new application of the Octopus gripping system. The robot you can see in action in this video has the function of moving objects packed with shrink film, which do not have a compact gripping surface and are therefore generally very difficult to pick up.

Octopus: a lot of possibilities, one guarantee of reliability

In the following video you can find a new example for realizing pallets with a robot that mounts Vuototecnica Octopus vacuum gripping system (SO2040X).

Robot handling glass panels of different sizes, thanks to Vuototecnica selfclosing valves

You can see Vuototecnica selfclosing valves handling glass panels of different shape and size, in the following video.

Octopus and hydrocarbon bins pallets

We showed you so many times the operational flexibility of our Octopus vacuum gripping system. Here you can see it at work in a new application: the palletization of hydrocarbon bins.

Moving parmesan discs with Bernoulli Vuototecnica suction cups

Vuototecnica works to meet the needs of customers every day, in its laboratories, and this “behind the scenes” often remains a secret. We have therefore decided to show you some grip tests, in particular those carried out on the cheese discs of a well-known Parmesan producer.

Vuototecnica 150210 ejectors: no more clogs!

In the automated making of cardboard boxes, a lot of dust is created inside the machines. In the video below you can see Vuototecnica 150210 ejector in action, able to solve the main problems resulting from the use of cartoning machines – including clogging.

Taking biscuits with Vuototecnica Bernoulli suction cups: cleaning and assuring the gripping

In the video, you can see in action Bernoulli (BEC) suction cups on famous butter biscuits located in round aluminum boxes, so beloved during tea time.

CSV Containment presents DRUM IRIS DISPENSING

CSV Containment is proud to present its DRUM IRIS DISPENSING! This new containment machine includes many innovations and has been developed to guarantee ever-increasing quality for CSV customers. The Drum Iris Dispensing main features are: Raw material transfer in by Double Iris Interface; Product bag out via RTP Waste Bag Out via Continuous liner Negative Pressure Control - Available optional: Fully automated and Nitrogen blanketing

CSV Containment presents Lab Glass Reactor Cleaning Spray Ball

CSV Containment is proud to present Lab Glass Reactor Cleaning Spray Ball

Slitting line 2000×16

Slitting line designed to process heavy gauge material, from 3mm to 6mm, such as stainless steel, hot rolled steel and cold roll steel.

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