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Tag: tourism

On July 4, in Milan, is GQ FreakOut

The appointment with GQ FreakOut is set for next July 4: in a non-stop party, from 10 to midnight.

June 20, the pizza protagonist in Expo Milano 2015

The Festa della Pizza was an important stage of Expo Milano 2015.

Expo 2015: empanadas street food with many stuffed

Among the most famous dishes of Argentinean cuisine there are empanadas, dumplings filled with meat, vegetables or cheese.

Expo 2015, guide to eat well and spend little

In the kiosk behind the Zero Pavilion, dedicated to the Risotto Milanese, there’s the signature dish of Expo 2015: the saffron risotto.

Expo 2015, get the app Farmers for you

Farmers for you indicate where to find the real Italian food guaranteed from Campagna Amica, the largest European network of direct sales of Italian farmers.

MERENDA REALE ® a delicious dip in ancient atmospheres

La Merenda Reale ® is a real ritual greedy born in the city in 700 ‘in the courts of Savoy.

Discover Turin aboard bus

If you are looking for a unique solution to learn and discover Turin, come aboard City Sightseeing.

Exclusive event reserved for stars of A&T

A & T organizes an exclusive event reserved for companies exhibiting their guests in collaboration with Eataly.

FuoriSalone 2015: here are the districts of events

All Milan, instead, is ready to become a great location widespread for 1,130 events that make up the FuoriSalone.

Secrets of sea raw to Bari

The tradition of sea raw has spread from the banks dell’Ofanto in Mola di Bari, via Barletta, Molfetta, Trani.

To discover the highlights of Bari

Walking on the Muraglia, the ancient walls of Bari, with the open sea on one side and the dense network of white houses on the other hand, at some point the gaze inevitably falls on the profile of the massive Basilica.

Discovering enogastronomy of Puglia

During the SMA, in Bari 16 to 18 April we discover the food and wine from Puglia.

Ravenna at table, between land and sea

The typical dishes of the beaches of Ravenna are influenced by the proximity of the pine forest of San Vitale and the sea.

Not only mosaics in Ravenna, find out with #GisinTour

Ravenna joins the possibility of practicing sport, in the water, on the shore and along the cycling routes and hiking in the pine forests.

The crypt of St. Francis’s Basilica

The Crypt is below sea level and the water clean invades like a small pool, where they swim even several goldfish.

#GisinTour Discover the wonders of Ravenna

Ravenna is a treasure casket of art, history and culture of the first order, is a city of ancient origins with a glorious past.

Expo 2015: costs and information to buy tickets

The most awaited event of the year, Expo 2015 is almost upon us and it officially started selling tickets.

Christmas in trullo with #GisinTour

Architectural symbol of the Puglia countryside, the trullo of Alberobello loses its identity as a secluded country cottage.

In Val di Fiemme with #GisinTour

The tradition of the crib in Val di Fiemme is of ancient origin and evocative expression: the country becomes an open-air museum.

In Udine between markets and goodies

Udine has in it the charm of history, has typical rhythms most of the countries of the city, but also the vitality of university centers.

Christmas in Piemonte with #GisinTour

Each year more than 5,000 visitors who come to admire the crib of Pianfei, the construction of which participates the whole country.

Christmas’s itineraries with #GisinTour

In the coming days #GisinTour will suggest ideas for everyone for trips and Christmas’s itineraries, along our Italy from North to South.

Expo open terraces, even at night

La Fabbrica del Duomo presented cultural projects which will accompany the first half of “Milan Expo 2015. Feeding the mind, energy culture”.

The Basilica of San Zeno in Verona

The Basilica of San Zeno in Verona is considered one of the masterpieces of Romanesque architecture in Italy. Spread over three levels and the current structure was set in the X-XI century.

Project Love stone

For a few years in Verona was born a unique initiative. The project Love Stone allows you to leave an indelible mark of love in Juliet’s house … but not on the walls.

In Verona, there is the Museum of Vintage Radio

This small museum is a tribute to the great discovery that has contributed most to change the way we disseminate the news and culture in the twentieth century: the Radio.

Giambattista Bodoni, the name of a character!

The font “Bodoni” comes from Giambattista Bodoni, a talented typographer who in 1768 was named by the Duke of Parma Ferdinando of Bourbon to create and bring forth what would become the “Royal Printing.”

The Puppet Museum of Parma

Remember Bim Bum Bam? You know the hairy Uan? Inside the museum you can admire the original along with other amazing marionettes and puppets.

Violetta di Parma, a perfume its history

Ludovico Borsari then got the recipe to produce industrially. Even today this fragrance, with its beautiful packaging, is sold in the best perfume of Parma.

Discovering Bologna underground

In Bologna there are numerous routes that allow anyone to visit places of timeless charm, such as Bagni di Mario (built during the XVI century, in the neoclassical style) and Channel Navile.

Piazza Maggiore, the heart and living of the city

Go in the square is the expression used to rendezvous in the historic center, Piazza Maggiore, the heart of the city.

The arcades of Bologna

Candidates to “heritage of humanity” Unesco, arcades make the city of Bologna unique. Play of light and shadows, deep architectural perspectives, columns and capitals always give different images of an urban reality fascinating and unusual.

Bologna record

Eating and drinking are two of the main prerogatives when choosing a travel destination.
Bologna is a city of grandma’s kitchen. The city that invented, of course, the meat sauce.

The Great Wall of China in Beijing

The Great Wall is one of the seven wonders of the world and is known since ancient times; considered a World Heritage Site, is a well-protected by UNESCO, the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture.

Capital of the kingdom of bicycles

Bicycles in China are a way of life, at least as cars for Westerners. The Chinese of all ages love to ride. The bike is therefore one of the main means of transportation.

Taxi more comfortable, higher prices

Beijing is a city with a myriad of taxi. If however you want to save a bit ‘of money, you better take those that look less refined and original. The most luxurious taxis tend to have higher rates.

Peking Duck

The Peking Duck can be served in restaurants around the world, but you’ll never be better than Beijing.

Curiosity about Chinese cuisine

Given that Beijing is a big city, and as such has a wide variety of international restaurants, we must say that it is really difficult to resist the temptation to taste the authentic Chinese cuisine when you are tourists in the capital.

Visit Beijing

Beijing is a world famous tourist city in which there are more than 200 attractions open to the public.

Beijing, not only art and history

Surrounded by hills and peaks rather high, the suburbs of Beijing presents a charming natural scenery consisting of evergreen trees, ancient temples, rivers, waterfalls and villages, peasants were simple and natural.

Beijing to discover

Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China, is the political, cultural and international exchange in the country. Has the jurisdiction of 18 districts over an area of 17,000 square kilometers and a population of 11.68 million people.

In the kitchen with #GisinTour

Sardinian kitchen satisfies the most demanding palates with its simple and natural ingredients, and with its delicious recipes made with the delicate and strong local products. The main ingredient is wheat, used to make the famous pane carasau, but also the well-known malloreddus, culurgiones and fregola.

Barumini: the nuraghi

The Nuragic complex of Barumini rises in an area known as the Marmilla, located in south-central Sardinia (in the Province of Medio Campidano). The complex at Barumini is one of the 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that can be found in Italy.

Castel del Monte, the citadel of mysteries

Castel del Monte, 37 mi from Bari, is one of the 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy.
Commissioned by Frederick II of Swabia in the 13th Century, the Castle is a massive and dominating octagonal structure that sits on a small stretch of the Murge plateau in Apulia, 11 mi from Andria.

The Aeolians: the volcanic islands

The Aeolian Islands are one of 50 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Italy.
The Archipelago of the Aeolian Islands consist of seven exquisite islands off the coast of Sicily – Lipari, Panarea, Vulcano, Stromboli, Salina, Alicudi and Filicudi – in addition to smaller islets and giant boulders.

The music of Apulia: the pizzica

The sultry heat, sand blowing in the morning air, and the parched land of Salento, a small subregion in Apulia. The women here, bent over to work in the fields, are marked by fatigue. A tarantula bites one of their ankles, so she runs to grab a tambourine and dance without inhibition, until all the poison finally exits her body. This turns out to be a real, live musical catharsis, and the origin of the tradition that the region of Apulia celebrates every summer: the pizzica tarantata, pizzica-scherma and the most well-known, pizzica-pizzica.

Apulian cuisine with #GisinTour

Apulian cuisine has always been defined as “poor” for its simple ingredients; yet, it satisfies any palate. Its basic elements are three: durum wheat, vegetables and olive oil, combined with meat and fish to create original dishes with genuine and unmistakable flavors.

Traipsing around Capri with #GisinTour

The splendid Isle of Capri rises from the Tyrrhenian Sea and greets the Sorrentine Peninsula. Having become famous with the discovery of its Blue Grotto or Grotta Azzurra in 1826, Capri is a place of legend that continues to be a main destination for travelers, stars and intellectuals.

The typical gastronomy of Campobasso

The typical gastronomy of Campobasso is based on genuine, organic ingredients like zucchini, caciocavallo (cheese) and sausages.
Appetizers include soups made with the legumes grown in the area, such as lentils, pearl barley, and beans, especially fava.

The National Park of Abruzzo

The National park of Abruzzo was established in 1923 to protect nature and to save certain wild animals from extinction. It’s in the heart of the central Apennines between the Abruzzi, Lazio and Molise and its some 50,000 hectares are home to 25 towns.

Lake Trasimeno and Its Villages

Lake Trasimeno is located in the green heart of Umbria, amidst beds of reeds and charming white water lilies. It’s a true natural paradise home to wild ducks, cormorants, kites and kingfishers. Beyond the downward slope, gentle hills form the backdrop to the lake, along with sporadic woods and sunflower and corn fields, vineyards and olive groves

Fitness and sports culture on the beach

Bibione, an important seaside establishment in the Veneto Region, is a beach known for its excellent sport infrastructure and the most athletic and body-consious of vacationers certainly appreciate this, the largest beach on the Adriatic.

The Mausoleum of Galla Placidia

The Mausoleum inspired Cole Porter’s legendary song “Night and Day.” He was awestruck by the mosaic-adorned cupola that depicted a nighttime sky in which 900 golden stars shine.

Emilia Romagna land of castles

Emilia Romagna is famous around the world for its sports cars and motorcycles (Ferrari, Ducati), for its hospitality and its excellent cuisine.
But not everyone knows about this Region’s splendid castles, at the center of a few haunted tales.

Markets in Italy you have to visit

From Venice to Palermo here are the best markets in Italy. Trinkets, antiques, food or souvenirs, whatever you need, this is where you should head to while travelling in the Bel Paese.

Short holiday in Tuscany

A short holiday in Tuscany, maybe just for a weekend out of town if you reside in neighboring regions, means choosing a region among the most beautiful in Italy with regard to not only the art, but also the nature and the presence of large events, especially in the summer months.

#GisinTour Takes you to the sea with Fido

Who said that dogs can not be on vacation. Nowadays there are more and more facilities that house man’s best friend.

# GisinTour to discover Bussana

It can be reborn from its ruins? Bussana did it.
An artists’ village, built on the ruins of an abandoned medieval village, stands on a winding hill behind Sanremo giving an evocative and unreal self.

The Bike Trail Coastal Park of Western Liguria

The Bike Trail Coastal Park of Western Liguria is one of the longest in the Mediterranean.
Total length of 20 km, the route is accessible by pedestrians and cyclists in both directions.
Bike Trail was born on the coastal route of the old railway single track between Ospedaletti and San Lorenzo al Mare, Genoa-Ventimiglia railway line, abandoned in 2001 and moved upstream.

Cinque Terre with #GisinTour

The Cinque Terre with Portovenere and the islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto are claimed by the UNESCO World Heritage Site Liguria. Those who visit these places will hardly forget the charm and atmosphere emanating from the five fishing villages of Manarola, Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso.

#GisinTour: a journey to discover Italy

I finally started the holidays, businesses are closing down and all start for the sea, the lakes and the mountains.
GISI has decided to make a gift to all readers of the blog inaugurating #GisinTour

Milan, 10 traditional recipes

The milanese cutlet has always existed. Or almost. But despite the city has long been mistreated, the Milanese cuisine includes many pearls, well beyond the famous cutlet: Milanese risotto, osso buco, boiled, nerves, tripe.

Shopping in Milan

Milan, the capital of fashion. Milan, the capital of luxury. Milan’s shopping capital. Milan fashion capital.
In the historical center of Milan are concentrated fashion boutiques and luxury shops, jewelry stores and showrooms of designers.

A summer of movies to interactive museum of cinema

Until August 1, 2014, from Monday to Friday at 21.15, at the MIC (interactive museum of cinema) will take place Summer Tabacchi, 2014, a review of the best films released in the 2013-2014.

The Castello Sforzesco reveals all its secrets

Also this year, the Castello Sforzesco comes alive in the summer months to give Milan the city and many tourists a cultural diverse and quality.

An app to visit Milan

You are in Milan or you have to go?
With DISCOVER MILAN Milan you will have a guide with useful information: restaurants, hotels, bars, pharmacies, banks, pizzerias, attractions and many other interesting things to visit in Milan.

Visit Verona in a few hours

For those who have very little time to visit Verona, I suggest a short walk through the historic center of this beautiful city: Piazza Brà, the Roman Arena, Piazza erbe, Juliet’s House, the Scaliger Tombs and Piazza dei Signori. This route will give you a first impression of the city and its merits. To all

Verona and its surroundings

“There is no world without Verona walls,But purgatory, torture, hell itself.” (Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Scene III, Act III). In fact, just a few miles out of the city there are charming places, ancient villages, and natural landscapes of rare beauty. Lake Garda with its riviera, Valpolicella with its wines and villas, Monte Baldo with

Discover Verona

Verona is an open, hard-working and vivacious city. The hospitality and courtesy of Veronese people ensure that guests enjoy a warm, enjoyable yet discrete welcome. Theatres, shows, cultural events and traditional festivals make Verona one of the most important centres of appeal in Italy. Verona is a city of art, business and tourism and also

Visit Padova in one day

At the Panasonic Roadshow to be held in Padova on June 11, we suggest a route. Padova is a beautiful city with many interesting and artistic treasures and sites of interest. The proposed itinerary below to visit Padova in a few hours will take you to the major attractions of the city and then to

A museum that tells our story

The Bassanini’s Museum, owned by Carlo Bassanini, is located in Trecasali, in the province of Parma. The old house, one of the oldest of Trecasali, it was used as storage of agricultural tools and it is only in 2003 that Charles begins, day after day, and attach objects to clean the walls. In addition to

What to Do in Parma

Despite being a small town, Parma offers a wide choice of things to do and see as many museums, historical attractions, concerts, as well as numerous nightclubs. A must see are the famous hexagonal baptistery, the Pilotta palace, which houses the Academy of Fine Arts, the National Gallery, the Archaeological Museum, the Teatro Farnese; do

Automibile Museum “Carlo Biscaretti Ruffia”

The National Automobile Museum has reopened after a radical and grandiose transformation of the path and the building.

Discover the gastronomy of Piemonte

Turin is the heart of the “piemontese” gastronomy. A land of great chefs and great gourmet.

Hotel in convention and hospitality services

Ventana Group, in collaboration with Reliability & Technology, offers exhibitors, fitters and visitors and hotel booking services.

Discover Turin

The official website of the City of Turin, click here offers interesting insights for visitors who wish to combine their participation in Affidabilità e tecnologie with a pleasant weekend of events, museums and city tours.

Fun and local to Hannover for the post-Fair

The Old Town of Hanover is easily explored on foot. The shopping streets and nightlife are all located around the Raschplatz, dell’Oststadt Square, the Old Town.

Where to stay in Hannover

The hotels in the historical center of Hannover are often housed in new facilities, which then provide customers with all the latest amenities.

Discovering Milan

Milan is the ideal destination for visitors who want to SAVE combine a weekend in Milan.

In Piazza Duomo new subway trains

From 29 March to 13 April, in Piazza Duomo in Milan, you can visit, the new subway trains.

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