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Tag: Technology

AI and Tunnel Boring Machine

Academic Istitutions are researching how to use technology to better...

The importance of investing in Company Welfare

Someone thinks that the Welfare System could be a cost rather than an investment. Human capital has more importance than we think. Company success depends also to human resources; the more they feel good, the more they will better work. The secret is to see employees outside of just their professional operations. For example, giving

Emissions reduced by automation? Truth!

It is called AER – Automated Emissions Reduction, a potential promising technology; deployed in residential loads, it has the ability to reduce carbon emissions. It moves consumption allowing customers to reduce the environmental impact of their energy use, and it has several advantages: More loads Better data More variable supply Aggregated impacts In these times,

Baidu will release a free operating system for self-driving car

self-driving car

Baidu is releasing much of the technology behind its self-driving cars, a move that it hopes will fast-track the technology’s progress while cementing the company’s role in supplying key elements such as mapping and machine-learning systems. Most of the companies developing automated driving carefully guard the technology and expertise behind their systems, as a series

Laser gyroscope project tests Einstein’s theory

laser gyroscope

Researchers in Italy are hoping to measure Earth’s rotation using a laser gyroscope installed deep underground, with enough experimental precision to reveal measurable effects of Einstein’s Gneral Theory of Relativity. The ring laser gyroscope (RLG) technology enabling these Earth-based measurements provide, unlike those made by referencing celestial objects, inertial rotation information, revealing fluctuations in the

Remote-working has become a significant increasing trend


Times are changing. Nowadays both big corporations and small start ups encourage their employees to remote-working. Some companies develop policies and profound credo around this flexible approach. The new technology and the blooming popularity of the Cloud and VDI allows easy access to organizational resources from any place and any device. According to many reports,

Precision farming uses technology to optimise the global food supply


The SPREAD vegetable farm, currently under construction on a science park about 25km outside Kyoto, Japan, will occupy 4,400m2 – all enclosed in a vast, warehouse-like building. Inside, under LED lights, shelves will rise to the ceiling, each one a soil bed full of lettuces. The workforce will move seedlings, feed plants and pick 30,000

Apple taps builders to make home automation mainstream


Apple is working with home builders like Brookfield Residents Properties to create showroom homes filled with Internet-of-Things gadgets, the end result being an automated home that shows potential homeowners the extent of what smart technology can do for them. These smart gadgets, as you’d expect, all work with Apple’s HomeKit, and could prove a fruitful

Future of farming: driverless tractors and robots

driverless tractors

Within the next decade, farming as we know it is expected to be revolutionized by the use of self-driving tractors and robots that can perform time-consuming tasks now done by humans. Sales of major farm machinery have been in a continued slump amid weak prices for key crops such as corn and soybeans, but the

Made in Italy Precision

The efficiency and precision of the consolidated RG series ensure that Varvel continues to gain recognition at an international level Varvel has been building its strength on made in Italy technology since 1955, based on modularity, flexibility and efficiency in the production of reducers and variators for low and medium power fixed applications. The quality

New plastic pounds plastic are coming!

Early will start to circulate in Great Britain plastic pounds that will substitute the filigree ones. Everything is ready to let out £5 note, with the image of Winston Churchill, and the £10 note, with the Jane Austen’s face; they are made with a special thin and flexible “propylene”. The “propylene” guarantees a major duration

PARCOL PARCOL awarded Song Hau 1 project in Vietnam: Supercritical Technology

Song Hau 1 project in Vietnam

The plant will feature supercritical technology undertaken for the first time in Vietnam. It will comprise of two 600MW supercritical steam turbine generators and boilers. The balance of plant systems such as coal and ash handling, limestone and gypsum handling, waste and water treatment and auxiliary power equipments will feature modern and efficient technology which will be in conformance with Vietnamese and international emission standards.

Parcol control valves for a new Concentrated Solar Plant CSP in South America

International competitiveness

International trade has gone through and overcome the crisis of the world economy of great importance and much is due to the ability to implement a policy of marketing.

Italy-Russia, the Made in Italy not give up

Despite the boycott imposed by the Russian government, is experiencing signs of recovery for businesses Made in Italy.

The new APP SPS Italy: appointments Automation

With the app you can view all automation appointments, the catalog SPS Italy 2015 and directly get the ticket for admission to the expo.

At SAVE Milan will talk about Internet of things

The numbers of Internet of Things are clear: between 25 and 50 billion connected devices worldwide by 2020, from smartphones to cars passing for clothes and home automation.

ICT project for Expo 2015

The project-E015 Digital Ecosystem offers an extraordinary opportunity: to create a system by Expo 2015 onwards.

Internet of things: a deal for companies

Not only smartphones and tablet, in 2015 will be connected to the internet a billion new items like appliances and cars.

Technology for the wood: the data of 2014

The data, in contrast with the decrease in imports, seems to indicate that the market in 2014 has favored wood working technology ‘made in Italy’.

The technologies that will mark 2015

Also this year, Deloitte has identified key technologies and innovations that will characterize the market in the next 12-18 months.

Think green for the rail system helps the economy

Develop cross-border rail system, it involves the transfer of units of traffic from road to rail with a beneficial impact on CO2.

Welcome to the Century of drone submarines

The technological principle that is the basis of the Clean Sea is the same drone or aircraft without pilots that move in our skies for some years.

From macro to micro: getting smaller!

Today the market of micro is rapidly expanding both in Europe and globally, given the strong trend towards miniaturization and / or production of parts with micro geometric shapes also of considerable complexity

GISI in Parma for Cibus Tec 2014

GISI will be in Parma from 28th to 31st, october 2014, for Cibus Tec, the International Exhibition on Technologies and Solutions for the Food Industry.

G.I.S.I. in Bologna for H2o 2014

GISI World will be in Bologna from 22th to 24th October for the 2014 edition of Accadueo, the international exposition of technologies for the drinking water treatment and distribution and for the wastewater treatment.

Tech gadgets for summer – 4

And, finally, a gadget from the party by the pool for the summer evenings to dance with friends or listen to music in the background. He arrived Ecoxbt: weather-resistant loudspeakers connected to your device through Bluetooth and built-in speaker.

Tech gadgets for summer – 3

The fear of every parent? Losing your babe at the beach. Yet it is so easy that even the most attentive parent may be desperate to find his son among the confusion.
To avoid these moments of panic, there is a gadget The Guardian about 30 Euros.

Tech gadgets for summer – 2

To resolve the situation water on vacation you can use this gadget: SteriPEN, a pen, thanks to UV light sterilizes the water.

Tech gadgets for summer – 1

The summer has started and you have to prepare to the fullest, with a touch of style and technology that can help us deal with it in comfort and safety.

All-round service: from production to quality control

In addition to a range of high-technology gearboxes and speed variators, the Varvel Group’s offering includes a precision measurement service.

ChargePoint Technology, a company overview

ChargePoint Technology

CSV Containment is the exclusive partner for Italy of ChargePoint Technology, that are the market leaders in powder containment and aseptic transfer valves.

The Innovative Drum Iris Technology, developed by CSV, after the Horizon2020 EU Seals of excellence, has been approved for INNODRIVER…

INNODRIVER is the call of the Lombardy Region to support the innovation and patenting processes of SMEs.


CSV Containment is proud to present its new containment machines!

CSV Containment presents DILB… discover more!

CSV Containment is proud to present its new freight systems Drum Iris Lump Breaker!

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