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Tag: innovation

Presented at CES 2019 the ranking of the most innovative countries in the world: Italy 25th.


The future of innovation, between inspiration and concreteness.


A book on Industry 4.0 listed for the italian award “Premio Nazionale di Divulgazione Scientifica”


Instrumental Mechanics, a strategic sector of the Italian economy.


The future of the sector is increasingly oriented towards innovation and interconnections, with particular attention to savings and “green”.

The importance of investing in Company Welfare

Someone thinks that the Welfare System could be a cost rather than an investment. Human capital has more importance than we think. Company success depends also to human resources; the more they feel good, the more they will better work. The secret is to see employees outside of just their professional operations. For example, giving

Timken was named to Ethisphere Institute’s 2017 World’s Most Ethical Companies® list


For the seventh time, Timken was named to Ethisphere Institute’s 2017 World’s Most Ethical Companies® list. Other recipients include customers GE, Tata Steel and Ford. Ethisphere, a global leader in advancing the standards of business ethics, rated companies in five areas: ethics and compliance programs; corporate citizenship and responsibility; culture of ethics; governance; and leadership,

Remote-working has become a significant increasing trend


Times are changing. Nowadays both big corporations and small start ups encourage their employees to remote-working. Some companies develop policies and profound credo around this flexible approach. The new technology and the blooming popularity of the Cloud and VDI allows easy access to organizational resources from any place and any device. According to many reports,

European parliament calls for robot tax

robot tax

European lawmakers called for EU-wide legislation to regulate the rise of robots, including an ethical framework for their development and deployment and the establishment of liability for the actions of robots including self-driving cars. But they rejected a proposal to impose a so-called robot tax on owners to fund support for or retraining of workers

How Mobile it’s changing manufacturing marketing

manufacturing marketing

The fact that mobile technology has changed the face of manufacturing marketing is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that Apple currently ranks first in Industryweek’s list of the best U.S. manufacturers. Apple is all about mobile marketing, with launches of products such as the iPhone 7 dominating digital media when they hit the market.

Metallic glass gears make for precision robotics

Metallic glass gears

Gears are essential for precision robotics. They allow limbs to turn smoothly and stop on command; low-quality gears cause limbs to jerk or shake. If you’re designing a robot to scoop samples or grip a ledge, the kind of gears you’ll need won’t come from a hardware store. At NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena,

Automation solutions save time and money

automation solutions

Automation solutions can save time, money and headaches — automation tools are more accessible than ever before — yet some companies have been slow to adopt the technology. Organizations that are aware of automation are more excited to spend the money on a process like marketing automation. But with the certainty that it offers across

Precision farming uses technology to optimise the global food supply


The SPREAD vegetable farm, currently under construction on a science park about 25km outside Kyoto, Japan, will occupy 4,400m2 – all enclosed in a vast, warehouse-like building. Inside, under LED lights, shelves will rise to the ceiling, each one a soil bed full of lettuces. The workforce will move seedlings, feed plants and pick 30,000

Future of farming: driverless tractors and robots

driverless tractors

Within the next decade, farming as we know it is expected to be revolutionized by the use of self-driving tractors and robots that can perform time-consuming tasks now done by humans. Sales of major farm machinery have been in a continued slump amid weak prices for key crops such as corn and soybeans, but the

New approach to mechatronics mastery

mechatronics master

By focusing on mechatronics – the crossroads of mechanical, electronic, computerized and control systems – the new certificate program serves two masters, notes creator Kevin Craig, a Hofstra mechanical engineering professor who directs the School of Engineering and Applied Science’s Center for Innovation. Not only does the program save practicing engineers time and money while they

Energy saving: technologies you should adopt

Energy saving

When it comes to energy saving , many people think investing in solar power or buying an electric car are the only options. But conserving doesn’t have to be so expensive. There are numerous ways you can adopt energy saving technologies. Between smartphones and smart appliances, you can start saving dollars and energy all at

Three steps to guide the automation software decision process


In general, the decision-making process regarding enterprise software has been difficult – and made more so by the inflated promises of slick marketing. But business process automation has proven difficult in particular, and for three particular reasons. The first is that providers over-sold the capabilities of the first generation of process automation solutions. Second, it’s

The world’s first office produced by 3D printer

The world’s first office building produced by a 3D printer has just opened in Dubai. The 250 square metre “Office of the Future” was built using a 3D printer measuring 20 feet high, 120 feet long and 40 feet wide and is erected near the Emirates Towers in Dubai. The building technology with access control

Small SUVs have lousy headlights

How many times have we heard that pedestrians should “do the bright thing” or “Police say it was dark and the driver could not see the cyclist, who was wearing dark clothing”? Perhaps there should be some discussion about the vehicle: the fact that many of them are SUVs, and it turns out that most

HR Direction leads the digital transformation

In a job’s market in a constant deeper transformation, HR Direction role is becoming more and more strategic in order to attract, manage and maintain talents; HR Direction is leading the companies’ digital transformation, but it has to transform its own processes and competences to adopt and to support the most the business requests. The

Privacy: the impact on company reality

The issue is of great interest, after the approval of UE Regulation on data protection from European Parliament, now on hold to approval on UE Official Journal. The regulation will enter into force after twenty days from its publication and, after two years, its disposition will be directly applicable in all the Member States of

There is no stopping the innovation: Varvel’s RN-RO-RV series

Varvel SpA, a Bologna-based company specialized in power transmission systems, is renewing and relaunching the RN series of  parallel axis reducers and RO-RV ortagonal reducers.  The RN and RO-RV series, respectively parallel shaft and bevel helical gearboxes, are the protagonists of an important relaunching project: with numerous product innovations presented in 2015, the company has

Facebook: 50 millions of companies use it for marketing

50 millions are the companies in the world that have a page on Facebook, three million per month choose to get publicity for hire on this social in order to extend their own audience. States this Luca Colombo, country manager of Facebook Italy, during the Roman step of roadshow “Boosts your Business”, organized in Italy

An Italian 3D printer is in orbit!

“The astronauts, that will travel to Mars in the future, will have to stay for a long period on the Moon and so could have the necessity to realize various objects on site. Our 3D printer is now on the Space Station and it works perfectly” said Piero Messidoro, Chief Technical Officer of Thales Alenia

Competitive advantages of light components’ manufacturing

The light components offer to aerospace and automotive industry the instruments to reduce the energy costs and the emissions through the development of less heavy vehicles, and they provide other industrial sectors some flexible materials in order to develop new innovative instruments. The fabrication of these high-tech light components was often a challenge; vibrations and

A Smart Working overview

Smart Working initiatives are increasing in Italy, especially in the big companies, where the 48% declares has already adopted this new approach to work, in a structured way or in a more informal way, or only has started to sketch out a project that moves in this direction. The phenomenon is less widespread in SME:

New plastic pounds plastic are coming!

Early will start to circulate in Great Britain plastic pounds that will substitute the filigree ones. Everything is ready to let out £5 note, with the image of Winston Churchill, and the £10 note, with the Jane Austen’s face; they are made with a special thin and flexible “propylene”. The “propylene” guarantees a major duration

Lean Product Development

The capacity of product development and innovation is become a critic feature for the nations that want remain at the forefront, as well as for those companies that want remain competitive in the long-term perspective. Are the innovation and the development of the product unforeseeable services for use only of few man of talent? No.

PARCOL attends ADIPEC 2015 in Abu Dhabi

Performance in growth for green Italian companies

Positive trend for the green economy in Europe, which in 2014 saw an increase in revenue and EBITDA.

Winning marketing with social micro-video

Marketing campaigns carried out through micro-video manages to capture the attention of users, which on average lasts no more than eight consecutive seconds.

Security and governance of cloud for companies

Safety, savings and speed, these are the main nodes of the IT industry that is a valuable aid in the cloud.

Lombardy: contributions to innovate companies

The Lombardy Region offers an innovative model for companies with the aim to modernize them and make them more competitive on the market.

Digital Disruption, a radical change for PMI

The rapid rise in the use of mobile devices for personal and business, has increased the potential of the Digital Disruption for many sectors.

International competitiveness

International trade has gone through and overcome the crisis of the world economy of great importance and much is due to the ability to implement a policy of marketing.

At SAVE Milan will talk about Internet of things

The numbers of Internet of Things are clear: between 25 and 50 billion connected devices worldwide by 2020, from smartphones to cars passing for clothes and home automation.

Eco-capsules 100% biodegradable at Expo 2015

At Expo 2015, two Italian companies, Lavazza and Novamont, patented and introduced on the market the coffee capsule 100% biosostenibile.

ICT project for Expo 2015

The project-E015 Digital Ecosystem offers an extraordinary opportunity: to create a system by Expo 2015 onwards.

Europe is at stake with renewables

2014 has seen a real rebound of global investment in renewable energy.

Online purchases and withdrawals where you want

2015 will see the boom of the “click & collect”, ie the spread of online purchases delivered in cabinets, railway stations and stores.

Internet of things: a deal for companies

Not only smartphones and tablet, in 2015 will be connected to the internet a billion new items like appliances and cars.

The technologies that will mark 2015

Also this year, Deloitte has identified key technologies and innovations that will characterize the market in the next 12-18 months.

Think green for the rail system helps the economy

Develop cross-border rail system, it involves the transfer of units of traffic from road to rail with a beneficial impact on CO2.

Welcome to the Century of drone submarines

The technological principle that is the basis of the Clean Sea is the same drone or aircraft without pilots that move in our skies for some years.

The gadgets of 2015

2015 will be a decisive year for the industry with some new hi-tech gadgets, from smartwatch viewers for virtual reality, which could take off or, on the contrary, turn out to be a flop.

Innovation: how it applies in practice?

In an article published in Harvard Business Review, Clayton Christensen and Derek van Bever distinguish between three types of innovation.

From macro to micro: getting smaller!

Today the market of micro is rapidly expanding both in Europe and globally, given the strong trend towards miniaturization and / or production of parts with micro geometric shapes also of considerable complexity

Emerson Process Management complies with “WE ARE”

Emerson Process Management adhere to the “National Campaign for Quality and Innovation” called “We are”.

Thomson Reuters ABB ranking in the top 100 innovators

ABB has been recognized by Thomson Reuters as one of the top 100 innovators in the world for the third year.

Emerson Process Management launches new APP

It is a world that the new APP Emerson Process Management has recently launched on the Italian market.

Extended Expo, a showcase for technological innovation

Extended Expo is the platform that brings together and gives visibility to all IT projects carried out by companies and institutions for Expo 2015.

Customising innovation the Varvel way


The Varvel Group satisfies the needs of the international market by designing and producing custom gearboxes for specific applications.

The Innovative Drum Iris Technology, developed by CSV, after the Horizon2020 EU Seals of excellence, has been approved for INNODRIVER…

INNODRIVER is the call of the Lombardy Region to support the innovation and patenting processes of SMEs.

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