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Tag: Expo Milano 2015 @en

On July 4, in Milan, is GQ FreakOut

The appointment with GQ FreakOut is set for next July 4: in a non-stop party, from 10 to midnight.

June 20, the pizza protagonist in Expo Milano 2015

The Festa della Pizza was an important stage of Expo Milano 2015.

Expo 2015: empanadas street food with many stuffed

Among the most famous dishes of Argentinean cuisine there are empanadas, dumplings filled with meat, vegetables or cheese.

Expo 2015, guide to eat well and spend little

In the kiosk behind the Zero Pavilion, dedicated to the Risotto Milanese, there’s the signature dish of Expo 2015: the saffron risotto.

Expo 2015, get the app Farmers for you

Farmers for you indicate where to find the real Italian food guaranteed from Campagna Amica, the largest European network of direct sales of Italian farmers.

Eco-capsules 100% biodegradable at Expo 2015

At Expo 2015, two Italian companies, Lavazza and Novamont, patented and introduced on the market the coffee capsule 100% biosostenibile.

ICT project for Expo 2015

The project-E015 Digital Ecosystem offers an extraordinary opportunity: to create a system by Expo 2015 onwards.

At Expo 2015, the largest glass roof

Among immersive video, warehousemen and robot architectures populated by algae, Expo 2015 prepares to showcase technological structure also a record.

Expo 2015: the Italian pavilion

The Italian Pavilion at Expo 2015 is a neighborhood: a road of 325 meters long which are a series of buildings and squares that recreate the idea of the villages and bring together tradition and innovation.

Expo 2015 the open-air workshop

Will also be a trade show, but Expo 2015 is also the vanity fair of superstars and engineers.

Expo 2015 fuels global notoriety of Milan

Expo 2015 is bringing an unprecedented fame to the city of Milan.

Expo 2015: costs and information to buy tickets

The most awaited event of the year, Expo 2015 is almost upon us and it officially started selling tickets.

The app Dassault Systèmes for Expo Milano 2015

Expo Milano 2015 will implement a model virtual online exhibition area, which extends over one million square meters.

GISI prepares for a year of exhibitions!

The coming year is rich in appointment with important trade exhibitions for GISI.
Here are some of the exhibitions that GISI participate in 2015.

Expo Gate: between Milan and the Universal Exhibition

Located in the heart of Milan, in front of the Castello Sforzesco, Expo Gate introduces the public at the Universal Exposition to accompany him along the path of the event.

Spot the Universal Exhibition “Expo makes us look to the future”

Antonio Albanese in the spot, to which he lent his voice, “Food is Life”.

At EXPO 2015, the big food research

The project MED DIET EXPO 2015 will be presented May 14, 2015 at the Italian pavilion in the programming of the CNR, an ambitious event that will be organized throughout the day, and then developed within 6 months of EXPO 2015, through initiatives cultural / scientific.

PHOTOSHOW 2015 is one of the initiatives selected by Expo

PHOTOSHOW 2015 is one of the initiatives selected by the City of Milan and the Milan Chamber of Commerce to set up the program of Expo City.

Extended Expo, a showcase for technological innovation

Extended Expo is the platform that brings together and gives visibility to all IT projects carried out by companies and institutions for Expo 2015.

Expo open terraces, even at night

La Fabbrica del Duomo presented cultural projects which will accompany the first half of “Milan Expo 2015. Feeding the mind, energy culture”.

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