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Tag: economy

Bank of England saved 250,000 jobs after the Brexit

jobs after brexit

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney believes the bank saved up to 250,000 jobs by unleashing an unprecedented package of monetary stimulus in response to the UK’s Brexit vote. In a speech at the London School of Economics on Monday — in which he explored the relationship between inflation and economic output — Carney said

5 reasons Canada’s economy is looking up in 2017

canada economy

After 2016, a year of ups and downs for the Canadian economy, there’s a growing body of evidence suggesting 2017 will be a better year. Here are five big reasons the economy could do a lot better than you might think this year. The job market is recovering It may be cold comfort to anyone

Lufthansa, GE invest in aircraft engines plant in Poland

aircraft engines

Lufthansa and General Electric will jointly invest some 250 million euros ($270 million) in Poland to build a plant that will service aircraft engines starting in 2018. Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland’s deputy prime minister in charge of the economy and finance, told a news conference that it was an “excellent” project and a result of the

Agricultural Machinery Market in India

agricultural machinery india

Agricultural machinery is used in various agricultural activities such as sowing, reaping, and application of fertilizers. Some of the key agricultural machinery includes tractor, power tiller, rotavator, and thresher. Agriculture plays a major role in India’s GDP as well as a source of employment. In the country, over 70% people depends on agriculture as the

Economists and post-Brexit vote surveys

Economists and post-Brexit

UK is awaiting indications of the economic impact of the vote to leave the EU, regular surveys of purchasing managers are being watched very closely. They are probably the most reliable early indicator, but economists say they must be interpreted carefully. The UK purchasing managers’ index recorded its sharpest ever monthly fall in July following

Predictions revised after Brexit

The IMF, which voiced strong misgivings about a vote for Brexit before the EU referendum, said it expected the UK economy to grow by 1.3% in 2017, 0.9 percentage points lower than an estimate made in its World Economic Outlook (WEO), in April. After saying that leaving the European Union could trigger a UK recession,

Facebook: 50 millions of companies use it for marketing

50 millions are the companies in the world that have a page on Facebook, three million per month choose to get publicity for hire on this social in order to extend their own audience. States this Luca Colombo, country manager of Facebook Italy, during the Roman step of roadshow “Boosts your Business”, organized in Italy

The positive trend for the January-March index continues

In the January-March 2016 period, manufactures tools orders increased of 14,3% compared to the same period of the previous year, UCIMU-systems to produce- Study and Cultural Centre of Companies said it. The overall result is been determined by the optimal feedback obtained by Italian market but also the foreign answer was positive. In particular the index

Are you going to export your projects? Plan it right!

Exporting isn’t a thing can you improvise. Before it’s necessary a market analysis which consists in a collection of activities, of analysis and presentation of datas or indicators significant for a specific country situation. In according to this, it will possibile create a helpful compass useful in the decision-making and management of company that would

Security and governance of cloud for companies

Safety, savings and speed, these are the main nodes of the IT industry that is a valuable aid in the cloud.

Digital Disruption, a radical change for PMI

The rapid rise in the use of mobile devices for personal and business, has increased the potential of the Digital Disruption for many sectors.

International competitiveness

International trade has gone through and overcome the crisis of the world economy of great importance and much is due to the ability to implement a policy of marketing.

Export: Italian marble conquest America and Germany

The sector of Marble is still one of the most profitable in Italy with regard to the export data.

Recovering economy according to Confindustria

Recovering economy after the intervention of the ECB. The Quantitative Easing recently announced by Mario Draghi will have positive effects.

In recovery the car market

According Unrae, in 2015, in the absence of elements that can directly influence the demand, the market is expected to grow by 3%, for a total of 1,400,000 units.

2015 opens under the sign of positivity

In 2015 will continue the positive trend of the Italian industry which, according to forecasts, will see an increase for all the main economic indicators.

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