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Big data: an opportunity yet to be seized

Software AG has released the results of a research conducted globally on the use and analysis of big data by companies.

Security and governance of cloud for companies

Safety, savings and speed, these are the main nodes of the IT industry that is a valuable aid in the cloud.

Lombardy: contributions to innovate companies

The Lombardy Region offers an innovative model for companies with the aim to modernize them and make them more competitive on the market.

Digital Disruption, a radical change for PMI

The rapid rise in the use of mobile devices for personal and business, has increased the potential of the Digital Disruption for many sectors.

International competitiveness

International trade has gone through and overcome the crisis of the world economy of great importance and much is due to the ability to implement a policy of marketing.

Italy-Russia, the Made in Italy not give up

Despite the boycott imposed by the Russian government, is experiencing signs of recovery for businesses Made in Italy.

Export: Italian marble conquest America and Germany

The sector of Marble is still one of the most profitable in Italy with regard to the export data.

Well Italian exports in 2014

Exports of Italian companies closed 2014 with a growth of 2%, turning positive after a flat 2013. Detects Istat.

Europe is at stake with renewables

2014 has seen a real rebound of global investment in renewable energy.

Internet of things: a deal for companies

Not only smartphones and tablet, in 2015 will be connected to the internet a billion new items like appliances and cars.

Recovering economy according to Confindustria

Recovering economy after the intervention of the ECB. The Quantitative Easing recently announced by Mario Draghi will have positive effects.

Technology for the wood: the data of 2014

The data, in contrast with the decrease in imports, seems to indicate that the market in 2014 has favored wood working technology ‘made in Italy’.

What changes in the currency markets

The Central Bank will purchase shares of public and private sector up to a maximum of € 60 billion per month, much higher than the € 50 billion expected by the markets.

The gadgets of 2015

2015 will be a decisive year for the industry with some new hi-tech gadgets, from smartwatch viewers for virtual reality, which could take off or, on the contrary, turn out to be a flop.

Innovation: how it applies in practice?

In an article published in Harvard Business Review, Clayton Christensen and Derek van Bever distinguish between three types of innovation.

In recovery the car market

According Unrae, in 2015, in the absence of elements that can directly influence the demand, the market is expected to grow by 3%, for a total of 1,400,000 units.

2015 opens under the sign of positivity

In 2015 will continue the positive trend of the Italian industry which, according to forecasts, will see an increase for all the main economic indicators.

Export in Poland: the benefits for PMI

Among the European countries that are reacting well to the crisis is definitely Poland.

E-commerce: social influence on online purchases?

The new report on social commerce Business Insider shows how social media are increasing their influence in sales throughout the buying process.

Why do training?

The training is a type of investment “intangible”, which gives value to people with tools and technical support staff to find the right solutions for your business.

E-Commerce: Why open an online store

To create an online business it is essential to create an e-commerce by the high level of usability and able to offer our customers the utmost satisfaction.

Social media and brand reputation

The brand reputation has become a crucial concept for all companies, both those who carry out their business online, that those seemingly far from the world of the web.

Multimedia and Social

Having tools that encourage sharing is another important aspect. The Social sharing facility sharing by users. It is a natural phenomenon that we all do inadvertently or deliberately.

The importance of content

The contents are a fundamental part of any seo project. The optimization of a website helps improve performance but the contents are quite different.
The search engines, most notably Google, are eager for content and continue to probe the network to acquire longer possible.

Why a Corporate Blog?

We talk about 3 million blogs, with almost 60% of web users who visited them at least once. The regulars are nearly 10 million, and those who write their comments are more than 4 million and a half.

Online strategy is the watchword!

If we want a website, but most of all we want is a shoulder and commercial functions, we must start from a project to define the first and foremost step to be done, a number of objectives to be achieved.
When we work on a strategy, we work on a project that dissects each step, and then divides the site in the primary step to do.

Promote your business with web marketing

The web marketing is the branch of the marketing activities of the company that takes advantage of the online channel to study the market and develop business relations (promotion / advertising, distribution, sales, customer support, etc.) via the Web.

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