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Tag: automation

Renew your production line with Vuototecnica

Vuototecnica provides for the creation of ad hoc solutions for gripping and handling each type of object, but it deals not only with new productions lines, it is able to help also in improving old automation lines. You have an example of an interesting improvement made with a croissants producer, that uses a renown German line, in the video.

AI and Tunnel Boring Machine

Academic Istitutions are researching how to use technology to better...

The global commercial building automation market is growing

The global commercial building automation market is expected to reach US$108.49 bn by 2024, after expanding at a steady CAGR of 4.3% from 2016 to 2024.

What is motion control?

motion control

Motion Control is a sub-field of automation, encompassing the system or sub-systems involved in moving parts of machines in a controlled manner.

Automation is changing the nature of work

A new report from management consultancy Mckinsey says that the rapid introduction of automation and artificial intelligence systems in the work world: within the companies is changing the very nature of work itself, the techonologies are augmenting some human skills.

Industrial work gets more user-friendly with digitization solutions!

digitization solutions

Industry 4.0 and technological development help companies make work more user-friendly and human-size. Among the many practical advantages of the digitization solutions that we can get as example, there are: zero defects, continuous quality monitoring, an increased machine intelligence, immediate transfer of informations, opportunity for improving the logistic and operator’s work. Do you know that there

The era of individualization has only just begun


For today’s generation of digital natives, the ability to personalize the products they buy is increasingly expected as a given. To keep pace, the makers of these products need highly flexible manufacturing systems that are at the same time efficient and profitable. This introduces a whole new set of demands on plant infrastructure. The variety

Emissions reduced by automation? Truth!

It is called AER – Automated Emissions Reduction, a potential promising technology; deployed in residential loads, it has the ability to reduce carbon emissions. It moves consumption allowing customers to reduce the environmental impact of their energy use, and it has several advantages: More loads Better data More variable supply Aggregated impacts In these times,

Optimisation in the fourth industrial revolution


Many associate the fourth industrial revolution with further expenditure – instalment of new sensors to collect data, investment in data storage or perhaps in 3D printing equipment – rather than cost savings. Fortunately, the reality doesn’t always need not be this expensive. In fact, manufacturers are the ones most capable of achieving tangible value in

How will cloud based automation change your business?


It is now well-established that the economics of cloud computing services add massive value to the business, a contention supported both by research and by the number of organisations that either have moved or are now moving production systems into the cloud. Challenges remain of course, and among them is automation. Cloudy challenges Cloud certainly

Gates: Robots should pay taxes

robots tax for Gates

Contrary to what was decided by the European Parliament, Bill Gates says that robots, that steal human jobs should pay taxes. “Certainly there will be taxes that relate to automation. Right now, the human worker who does, say, USD 50,000 worth of work in a factory, that income is taxed and you get income tax,

European parliament calls for robot tax

robot tax

European lawmakers called for EU-wide legislation to regulate the rise of robots, including an ethical framework for their development and deployment and the establishment of liability for the actions of robots including self-driving cars. But they rejected a proposal to impose a so-called robot tax on owners to fund support for or retraining of workers

Priorities manufacturers identify for 2017

Supply chain manufacturers

Supply chain integration, automation, and analytics are among the top action items for 2017 identified by manufacturers. The focus in 2017 will be helping its customers to address these priorities through the practical application of Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing concepts, which have established new benchmarks for manufacturers. With a mission to keep traditional manufacturing

Robots in the future of supply chain management

supply chain management

Supply chain managers and workers seem to have two schools of thought when it comes to using robotic automation. On the one end are people who are excited about improving efficiency by using robots. They are willing to implement new ways of doing things even when they are not fully proven to be effective. At

Automation solutions save time and money

automation solutions

Automation solutions can save time, money and headaches — automation tools are more accessible than ever before — yet some companies have been slow to adopt the technology. Organizations that are aware of automation are more excited to spend the money on a process like marketing automation. But with the certainty that it offers across

An automation company to accelerate vehicle production

automation TESLA

Tesla has agreed to acquire Grohmann Engineering, a German firm that specializes in automated manufacturing. Founder Klaus Grohmann will also be joining Tesla and will head a new division within the automaker called Tesla Advanced Automation Germany. Tesla plans to add an additional 1,000 engineering and technician jobs in Germany, on top of Grohmann’s existing

Apple taps builders to make home automation mainstream


Apple is working with home builders like Brookfield Residents Properties to create showroom homes filled with Internet-of-Things gadgets, the end result being an automated home that shows potential homeowners the extent of what smart technology can do for them. These smart gadgets, as you’d expect, all work with Apple’s HomeKit, and could prove a fruitful

Robotics and automation is needed a strong network to connect it all


Cutting-edge robots and other advanced smart machines are set to be added into the rapidly expanding Internet of Things, which is projected to reach 25 billion devices by 2020. Robotics has already been used in manufacturing to great effect for over a decade, performing delicate and precise tasks with a higher success rate than humans.

Global automation solutions market in power industry

power industry

Technavio analysts forecast the global automation solutions market in the power industry to grow at a CAGR of close to 6% during the forecast period, according to their latest report. The research study covers the present scenario and growth prospects of the global automation solutions market in the power industry for 2016-2020. To calculate the

Training could mitigate effects of cognitive lock-up in automation operators

automation flight

Automation failures have been the cause of such widely reported disasters as the crash of Air France Flight 447 in 2009, with most of the focus placed on deficiencies in the automated system. Although automation does help in avoiding human error in completing tasks, people are still needed to monitor how well the automated system

Three steps to guide the automation software decision process


In general, the decision-making process regarding enterprise software has been difficult – and made more so by the inflated promises of slick marketing. But business process automation has proven difficult in particular, and for three particular reasons. The first is that providers over-sold the capabilities of the first generation of process automation solutions. Second, it’s

Are companies ready for automation?

A recent study, called The Robotic Workforce Research, has recently been published to try and understand how companies feel about automation. They quizzed 250 businesses from the UK and United States to understand both their thoughts on robots, and any plans they have to introduce automation into their business. Roughly half of the respondents believed

Investments from auto component manufacturer in India

Giving an indication of upbeat mood in auto component Inc., machine tool manufacturers said that the investments by auto component makers is on the upswing, which is expected to boost their fortunes as well. In the recently concluded Machine tool Expo, AMTEX, almost all of the exhibitors said that they have seen a better demand

Scientists build their own tools like Lego

There’s a whole new way to build custom scientific instruments affordably in bioengineering: a system of 3D-printed building blocks that can link together in various combinations. The system combines design elements of both biological cells and electronic components, and it can evolve over time to adapt to the changing needs of the research community. As

Google bring automation to customer service

Google is trying to use its artificial intelligence know-how to tempt businesses onto its cloud and away from dominant services run by Inc. and Microsoft Corp. The latest lure: Use Google computers to automatically handle irate customer calls. The Alphabet Inc. unit announced two new artificial intelligence software tools for its Google Cloud Platform

How soon is this future of automation?

From self-driving vehicles and semi-autonomous robots to intelligent algorithms and predictive analytic tools, machines are increasingly capable of performing a wide range of jobs that have long been human domains. When it comes to their general predictions for the future of human employment and workforce automation, roughly two-thirds of Americans expect that within the next

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ASSIOT and ASSOFLUID: a conference on market trends

The June 9 at Torino, at the CHN Industrial Village headquarter (here the map), ASSIOT and ASSOFLUID will be present a conference called: Mechatronics for the power transmission and automation: prospects and market trends. It will be an afternoon full of content, that will start with the welcomes of Tomaso Carraro– ASSIOT President and of

ASSIOT and ASSOFLUID meet the protagonists of “Agricultural machinery”

Cooperation between ASSIOT and ASSOFLUID continues with the meeting that will be held the next 20 of May, at CARRARO AGRITALIA, Rovigo, in which there will be the protagonists of Agricultural Machinery. The meeting’s goal is to explain the trends that characterize the technological development in the sector of Power Transmission’s Mechatronics and the Automation,

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