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Wireless technology


The benefits associated with the introduction of Wireless applications in the field of Industrial Automation are increasingly evident.

La sonda HMP110 di Vaisala

Per la misura dei valori di temperatura ed umidità, in varie applicazioni, richiedi a FASLABla sonda HMP110 di Vaisala!

Drum Iris, Cleaning in place

Our Drum Iris Interface can be easily Cleaned In Place following a Pre-defined Validated Cycle

Forests are essential to water supply

Sustainably managing the world’s forests will be key to ensuring safe and sustainable water supplies for all. It is what emerges from a report...

A new cable car will run in a UNESCO World Heritage

This new cable car will debut in Mount Koyasan, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Wakayama Prefecture. The cable car runs for 800 meters with a height difference of 328 meters, connecting Gokurakubashi and Koyasan stations by a ride of about five minutes. The cable car design will feature a...

LOGTAG: datalogger per il monitoraggio della catena del freddo

LOGTAG è una serie di datalogger, distribuiti da FASLAB, che garantiscono un monitoraggio ininterrotto della catena del freddo di generi alimentari freschi e surgelati, farmaci, prodotti medicali.

What are the best solutions in containment?

The most of new drugs contain high-potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Robotics applications

Being an interdisciplinary science, robotics finds lots of applications in different fields

A new method to repair the stainless steel

The University of Toronto have discovered a method to turn steel antibacterial. In all the stainless steel surfaces there are some scratches in which the microscopic bacteria stay in. Using a surprisingly simple substance -oil cooking-, the reaserchers discover that they are able to keep disease-causing bacteria from settling on...

The global commercial building automation market is growing

The global commercial building automation market is expected to reach US$108.49 bn by 2024, after expanding at a steady CAGR of 4.3% from 2016 to 2024.

What is Robotics?


Robotics is an interdisciplinary science in which many kinds of knowledge and different disciplines converge

Wind Energy: the Europe situation

According to a study by the association WindEurope, in the whole 2018 was expected 3.3 GW of new offshore wind and 10.2 GW of onshore wind. This meant 13.5 GW of new wind capacity in total for the year. Countries like Germany, France, UK continue to drive the market growth:...

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